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I work with many mums who want to get rid of their mummy tummy after having a baby. 

Depending on whether they have a diastasis, leaking or pelvic oragan prolapse, this can be more or less of a challenge for them.

My mission is to give mums all the information they need and support them as they go forwards on this journey.

Here is some of their feedback after working with me. 

I felt very well taken care and looked after.
It is reassuring to be closely followed and checked up on when you are restrengthen Your body again.
I very quickly got into shape after the birth- This course is something I strongly recommend.



Maritza could see what I needed to work on.

My goals were to be stronger in my  tummy,back and shoulders and I have achieved a great result.
I liked that we started carefully and built up the exercises. 
I have becomre more aware of how I use my body, have better posture and can do more in my daily life.


I was unfit, had sore knees and carrying 12 kg to much after my second pregnancy

I felt stiff all over and had no energy. It was good to start exercising again and I look forwards to each Wednesday class!

I have found the motiviation to exercise again and I can see that everything  is getting better.

 Maritza is good at explaining the exercises and making sure that we are doing them correctly! It is great that she goes around and helps us With the exercises and she can also see what each one of us needs to be working on. 

I strongly recommend all new mums to start training With   Maritza.


Before I started training with Maritza I had a lot of pain, was very tired and problems with leaking.

Now I have nearly no leaking and my body is working for me again.

I don't have as much pain anymore when I am being active. 

Maritza is nice, positive and patient and good at explaining the exercises. 

Trainin With  Maritza was better than I expected and I felt I received a lot of help.

 I believe that it is really Worth the price. My body is working much better after training With Maritza.