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Ready to Stop Leaking When You Sneeze? 

Are you fed up with doing endless pelvic floor exercises to stop leaking and not seeing any results?

Thankfully leaking isn't something that you have to put up with anymore. 

In this guide you'll discover:  

  • Why doing pelvic floor exercises isn't working for you

  • The research backed key pillars to a leak proof core and pelvic floor (that doctors and gynecologists won't tell you about)


  • The secret to how to work on your pelvic floor every day, even if you're too busy to do a single exercise 

  • What to focus on so that you can ditch the pads forever.

Meet Your Coach: Maritza Linzey


As a Core and Pelvic Floor Rehab Specialist and Personal Trainer of over 20 years' experience, Maritza teaches moms to reprogramme how they load and activate their core and pelvic floor muscles, so they can ditch the aching hips, leaking and lower back pain.


When she’s not helping moms get stronger and feel confident, they can chase runaway toddlers downhill without leaking, you can find her with her hands in the dirt in her the garden, shaking her hips like Shakira (‘cause strong abs and hips don’t lie) teaching her Zumba classes or answering her kids when they ask “Why?” for the twenty seventh billionth time.

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