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Pregnancy and having a baby is HARD on your body.

It really is like running a Marathon with no break at the end. 

You have a brand New boss (as Your baby now calls the shots) combined with a lack of sleep, hormonal changes and a body that can feel completely different to your pre-baby self.

All this can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed  and wondering  where to start when it comes to exercise.

You may have aches and pains that won't go away or a mummy tummy that feels extra squishy and be asking yourself:

What is safe for my body right now?

Which exercises should I be doing?

How will I find the time to do them?

How do I tone up my tummy?

It can be very confusing but don't worry, I have been there and I have the answers you need.

I'm Maritza Linzey, Mamma to two active boys, a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with over 20 years experience in coaching Health and Fitness. I am also a certified Postnatal Fitness Specialist.

I am passionate about working  with mums who want to rehabilitate their core and pelvic floor muscles so they can build strength, relieve hip and back pain, resolve incontinence issues and get rid of their "mummy tummy".

After the birth of my second child I struggled with abdominal separation (Diastasis) and the painful muscle imbalances that resulted from it, especially sore hips and lower back pain.

At first I thought it was the second c-section that made me feel so different, but after 4 months, things weren't getting any better and I still looked about 5 months pregnant.

The pain got so bad, that after a 30 minute walk with the stroller, I had to sit down for an hour with a hot bottle to relieve my backache.

I also began to have pain in my neck and shoulders.

I started to avoid going out for walks  and dreaded lifting anything heavy. As an active person, I found it difficult that I couldn't do all the things I wanted to.

I was also worried about going back to work as a personal trainer.

My tummy at 4 months postpartum with a diastasis.
After 6 weeks with Core and Pelvic floor training. The Diastasis has closed.

I was checked for a Diastasis and found I had a deep, wide gap.

(A Diastasis means that the abdominal muscles are separated and no longer give support, so your internal organs come forward and push your stomach out creating a mummy tummy.)

I looked around for how to fix it and there was not much information - no one was even talking about it!

I decided to find what I needed to heal myself and took courses to be a Postnatal Fitness and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

It took time, focus and consistent training to regain the function of my core muscles and pelvic floor.

After 6 weeks my Diastasis had closed and I was slowly starting rebuilding my core strength.

It can take up to 12 months or more before your body starts to feel more like it used to, after pregnancy, though it does help if you rehabilitate your tummy muscles and do all the exercises your body needs. (It can take a lot longer if you are breastfeeding, due to the hormones.)

My baby is now 18 months old and now I can , lift heavy Things, live my life without constant back pain and be the active mother I want to be.

I decided I needed to help other mothers who feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start their journey back to strong and pain free movement.

This is the inspiration behind working with mums to rehab their core and Pelvic Floors.