Are you confused about what to do to heal your diastasis?

You've tried free programmes and the "diastasis safe" video workouts.  

You've squeezed your pelvic floor through thousands of kegels but it just hasn't worked......

And so now you're feeling frustrated, disappointed and fed up.

But what if you could heal your diastasis, get rid of that nagging back pain and stop leaking ?

And as a result, you felt stronger and had more confidence to dance, jump and play with your kids than you ever imaginged possible?

Which meant you could feel athletic, full of energy and show up as the fun loving mom you dream of being every day? 


Hey Gorgeous, I'm Maritza 

and I help moms heal their diastasis and reconnect with their core and pelvic floor so they don’t look five months pregnant anymore,

get stronger and feel confident enough to chase runaway toddlers downhill without leaking.


You are meant to be able move, twist, booty circle and jump with your core and pelvic floor automatically supporting you.

If you're feeling helpless and frustrated that general core and pelvic floor exercises aren’t working for you, it's time to take action, get a real plan and get your body working properly again.

Don't put it off, because your time is NOW. 


Online Personal Training: How it Works 

Personal Consultation

We start with an indepth   assessment to set you up for sucesss.

We look at how you move and determine your unique needs. 

Get Your Plan

Get a  step by step rehab programme created just for you.

I hand pick the exercises you need to keep you moving forwards and making progress.


Once you have your programme you can get moving. I'll provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. 

I'm here to answer questions, keep you motivated and help you learn as much throughout the process as possible.

What the Mammas say

Before I started training with Maritza I had a lot of pain, was very tired and problems with leaking.

Now I can run downhill  without  leaking and my body is working for me again.

I don't have as much pain anymore when I am being active. 

                                     Kathrine S.

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