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3 Easy Ways To Relax Your Pelvic Floor

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Any way you look at it, having a tight pelvic floor sucks.

Feeling that constant tension in your pelvic floor, is like being in The Walking Dead and waiting for the zombies to attack- great TV, but not much fun in real life.

Whether your pelvic floor is tight because you've overdone it with your exercises or it's holding on for dear life trying to stabilize your hips, the result is the same.

That's not it's job by the way, if your pelvic floor is doing the job that your butt muscles should be doing, we need to talk asap.

What you need are some quick, go-to ways to get rid of that extra tension in your pelvic floor so you can feel better and get on with your day.

I've put together my top 3 no equipment, easy exercises you can use to release your pelvic floor.

(Number 3 is my favorite. I often use this one without anyone realizing what I'm doing, while I'm watching my kids play at the park.)

Keep reading for more about your pelvic floor:

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