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How To Engage Your Deep Core Muscles

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Want to make some big progress in healing your diastasis recti?

Then you need to learn the right way to engage and strengthen your deep core muscles a.k.a your Transverse Abdominals muscles.

These are the muscles that work like a corset and stretch from your pelvis right up to your diaphragm.

They help you control your core pressure, which takes the pressure off your midline, allowing your diastasis recti to heal.

Two of the biggest mistakes I see with folks trying to activate these muscles are:

  1. Sucking in your belly button - this pushes all the pressure down onto your pelvic floor and up into your diaphragm.

  2. Only focusing on engaging your lower abs.

For real results you need to make sure you engage all 3 levels of your Transverse abdominals.

I call this the "Triple Core Activation technique".

Once you know how to engage your deep core properly, then you can start to work on re-building your core strength while protecting your diastasis and pelvic floor.

Check out the video and the learn 3 easy steps to activating your deep core muscles.

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