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Want Flatter Abs? Avoid These Shoes

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

You're working hard on healing your abs after having a baby.

The last thing you want is be undermining all your efforts by wearing the wrong shoes .

Can shoes really make a difference in healing your diastasis recti?

You bet they can.

Even if you don't have diastasis recti, your shoes can contribute to a poochy belly.

The wrong type of shoes (and we're talking any shoe here, not only summer sandals) actually switch off your deep inner core muscles.

That's the exact opposite of all the activating and strengthening exercises you're doing to fix your diastasis.

If you want to speed up healing your core and pelvic floor, pay attention to the small things your shoes.

Watch the video to see which type of shoe is the worst for your abs.

These tips apply to slip on ballet flat types of shoes as well.

So now you know what you don't want, here's your checklist so you're not seduced by pretty, counterproductive shoes next time you're shopping.

What to look for in great summer sandal:

  • No toe spring - If the toes are elevated, don't be tempted.

  • An ankle strap or fastening -so it sits firmly and effortlessly on your foot.

  • No heal drop - keep your foot on one level.

  • Room to wiggle and spread your toes.

Does this mean you can never fall in love with a gorgeous, heeled sandal again?

No more sparkly deliciousness on your feet?

Don't despair.

It's your everyday shoes that are the important ones.

The ones you spend 99% of your time running around in.

If you're going out for date night or for a special occasion, wear your favourite glamorous shoes and revel in them.

They're a special treat and one night won't undo all your hard work on your diastasis.

Want more easy ways to maximize your results from your exercises without spending more time working out?

Snag the Free Guide and avoid undoing all your hard work:

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